Informal coworking. Free and open to all independent workers. Occasional Tuesdays Wednesdays, upstairs at Zingerman’s Next Door in Ann Arbor.

microCoworking is independent workers and freelancers working side by side and collaborating in a coffee shop instead of a formal coworking space. It’s a great way to try coworking without making a long-term commitment.

Time, Location & What to Expect

The next Microcoworking event is Wednesday, May 14.

The microCoworking group meets on occasional Wednesdays from 9:00am-noon at Zingerman’s Next Door, in one of the upstairs rooms. (Directions)

Look for a friendly, casually dressed group at a couple tables pushed together. We do want you to join us, and we'll happily grab another table to make room.

Bring the tools you use to do work at a coffee shop. Expect to share expertise and to ask questions—work-related or not.